Phase 2 for Australian grower Ian Mortlock.

Three years ago Royal Brinkman did one of the first projects in Australia. Containing the build of 1,6 Ha greenhouse in Corporation with Faber Glasshouses. Royal Brinkman installed the following systems:

- Electro and water Installation.
- Priva water & Climate system
- Grow Gutter system
- Water tanks
- Groundcovers
- 2x Drain water control (DWC) systems.
- 2x Plant temperature sensors
- Drain water sterilizer

In 2014 Royal Brinkman received the assignment to build phase 2. Again 1,6 Ha of greenhouse. Ian Mortlock was satisfied about phase 1 and decided to join the corporation with Royal Brinkman again to build phase 2. Phase 2 contained the delivery of several Berg products and again the built of 2 water tanks.

After the finish and delivery of the project in week 20 the first truss tomatoes are expected to be planted. It will then take around 10 weeks to harvest the first tomatoes.

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