P’Petual, Adelaide, Australia

Vocom aus

Projectname: P’Petual, Adelaide, Australië, 

Surface: 20.000 m2 extension, total surface 8 acres

Crop: Cucumbers, Eggplants, Tomato's

Royal Brinkman installed the following water technology:

-  Water storage tanks 4x

-  Vocom substrate installation

-  Hydrovar installation for clean water

-  Complete dripper installation


-  Growing gutter system


Royal Brinkman installed the following electric technology:

-  Total electric installation

-  Priva Connext Procescomputer 

-  Priva Office server

-  Octa alarm system 

-  Re-circulation fans

-  Sulphur Evaporators

-  DWC drain water control system

-  Groscale installation

-  PT infrared plant temperature sensors.



- Groundcover

Roof washer

- Roof washer installation

- Internal transportation

- Pipe rail trolley

- Hydraulic scissor lift 10x

- Battery chargers 13x

- Transport Trolley 2x

- METO automatic spray trolley 



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