Pots, trays and containers

20060502-M033_kleinPackaging of vulnerable horticulture produce is important. On one hand good packaging maintains good quality during transport and in different phases of handling. On the other hand the packaging displays the quality, the grower and the origin of the produce. In this manner the different Dutch qualities are recognizable all over the world.

Through many contacts in practical growing and cooperation with manufacturers, Brinkman is able to provide a variety of alternatives. A perfect example is the rapid introduction of printed flower sleeves in the flower industry. Printed logos and names on the sleeves of cut flowers and pot plants clearly lift that product above others.

boomkwekerijcontainers-1_kleinHebo Halter

The ‘Hebo halter’ is a helpful tool developed from practical experience by Brinkman for sleeving flowers. For cut roses a sealing machine was developed. Bulk deliveries of flower bottles for the auction supplies are also important.

Pot plant and container growers

For pot plant and container growers Brinkman is the supplier of a large assortment of pots and containers. The selection offered is produced by Teku and has more than just the standard ES Eurosizes. The options of color, rigidity, ease of mechanical handling and drainage capacity completely fulfill the high demands of the grower.

tray_boomkwekerij_Ansicht_2a_2_kleinAs a result of successive developments packaging has to be modified constantly. Some may need to be more rigid, some more flexible. In cooperation with mechanization specialists the materials are finely tuned to the latest packing lines. The priority is to stimulate quality and efficiency.

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