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personal pricesWe make customized arrangements with our customers. This allows you to have the same personal prices everywhere! The arrangement of the prices will take place in cooperation with your personal account manager. When you request a quotation via the ‘Quick Quotation Service’, you´ll receive a personal offer within 24 hours. The quotation request will directly be handled by an (internal) account manager. We prefer a long-term relationship with our customers; therefore you will receive a personal offer.

It does not matter if you request a quote by telephone, by e-mail or through the quick quotation service. Your prices you will receive are equal everywhere. The big advantage is that with the ‘Quick Quotation Service’ you can request a detailed quote within a minute.


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Leave your details below if you have any questions or concerns about the possibilities with the Quick Quotation Service. Or fill in the ‘become a customer’ form to start a fruitful cooperation. Our specialists will contact you, on working days even within 24 hours. 


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