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Drygair: engergy efficient dehumfidication of your greenhouse.

DrygairBecause of evaporation from crops, humidity in greenhouses is often too high. A classical solution to this is opening the windows, so that cold air can flow inside. The downside of this is however, that the heaters have to keep the temperature levelled, which eventually costs lots of energy and money. The Drygair units are a good solution to this. With Drygair units you can easily and efficiently dehumidify the air inside the greenhouse. Because of this the humidity and temperature inside the greenhouses are more stable.

Advantages of Drygair:
vinkjesSavings on energy, up to 50%
vinkjesBetter climate
vinkjesPrevention of fungal diseases  
vinkjesReduction of CO2
vinkjesProvides compacter growth conditions without growth inhibitors 

What can you save?
Are you interested in seeing what you can save with the Drygair. Click on the link below and leave your data freely. 

How it works and technic
The unit is a combination of a dehumidifier and a heater. The used electrical energy and the released heat are both reused in the greenhouse. The condensed humid is drained or can even be used as process water.  

drygair technique

1. The drygair unit will be placed inside the greenhouse

2. Just an electrical connection is needed. 

3. The used power is 10 KW

4. No additional inflow of hot water.

5. The unit sucks in relatively moist air 

6. Inside the unit the air is dried.

7. The dry air will be blown back into the greenhouse

8. The unit drains up to 45 litres of water per hour

9. One unit is suited for 4000 m2 max (depends on the crop)

10. Drained water can be recycled

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