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Royal Brinkman Clips, select the right one for your crop

Pinch rings & Simex clips
Pinch ringsPinch rings and Simex clips are used to fasten plants in pots, small vegetable plants and small trees to a stake or other support. Plant pinch rings are made of a very flexible polypropylene to ensure quick installation and easy locking. Because the finger contact surfaces are extra wide, a better grip is achieved avoiding damage to the fingers and the plant.



More Information
If you require any further information, want to request a quotation or a bag of samples, please leave your details in the form below. Our specialist would be happy to advice you with these pinch rings, grafting clips and bamboo stakes. 


grafting clips

Grafting clips
Royal Brinkman has designed a full range of grafting clips suitable for all horticultural crops and growing conditions. The growing conditions of seedlings depend strongly on the light conditions and temperature. In northern countries with winter planting the seedlings are normally softer and longer and in the southern countries with a warmer (Mediterranean) climate, with high light intensities and higher temperature the seedlings are shorter and harder. Under these different growing conditions different grafting clips are required.

On request the grafting clips can be delivered in different colors (transparent, red, green, yellow and blue) this can make it easier to distinguish clip size, varieties or lots grafted at the same time.


bamboo sticksBamboo stakes
Bamboo sticks are useful in pot plant breeding, and are ideal to use with Phalaenopsis orchids as the coloured Bamboo adds to the ornamental value of the plant. 

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