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Have you already discovered the Royal Brinkman Knowledge Center? Within the Knowledge Center you can find information for each product theme, support to choose the right twine, an overview of resources, information about how to clean your drip system, checklists for maintenance to your machines, the amount of tomato hooks per pallet, and many more.


Knowledge per theme

Below you see our seven themes with links to the relevant pages of the Knowledge Center.

Crop Rotation   Crop Care
Crop rotation   Crop care

Click here to view all articles about Crop Rotation. Crop Rotation products are tomato hooks, twine, clips and growing media.



Click here to view all articles about Crop Care. Crop Care products are fertilizer, whitewash and flower preservatives.


Crop Protection & Disinfection   Mechanical Equipment
Crop protection disinfection   Mechanical equipment

Click here to view all article about Crop Protection & Disinfection. Crop Protection & Disinfection products are sticky traps, sticky tape rolls and hygiene solutions (Brinkman Australia do not sell any chemicals).



Click here to view all the articles about Mechanical Equipment. Mechanical Equipment products are Berg Hortimotive crop trolleys, Weterings crop removing machines, Empas spraying equipment and spare parts.


Packaging & Design   Service Articles
packaging and Design   Service articles

Click here to view all articles about Packaging & Design. Packaging & Design products are bamboo stakes, Hebo halters, pots and flower sleeves.



Click here to view all articles about Service Articles. Service Articles products are knives and secateurs, hygiene clothes and packing materials.


Technical Projects    
  Technical Projects    
Click here to view all articles about Technical Projects. Technical Projects are the Drygair, irrigation systems, climate systems and data collecting sensors.    

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