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Royal Brinkman: Our range of spraying equipment

Royal Brinkman delivers a broad range of spraying equipment. We selected some of our best items especially for you.

Enbar LVM
The success of plant protection depends on various factors. The substance, the dosage and the application technique employed are the most important. For the latter, it is particularly important that the plant protection product should penetrate into the crop and is distributed as thoroughly as possible. The Enbar LVM (Low Volume Mist) is a product which offers optimum distribution and penetration. 

The pulse fog has been a concept in greenhouse horticulture for more than 25 years for the simple and quick performance of space treatment. The pulse fog is very effective at combating insects. The fine droplets are formed by a powerful turbo jet petrol engine. The two liquid sprinklers inject the liquid in the jet pipe which prevents the pulse fog spattering. The powerful ejection provides for a wide range and good distribution. 

Berg Meto
The SW08 distinguishes itself by its control cabinet and the electronics of the motor actuator. This particular trolley is instantly recognizable by its control cabinet equipped with stainless control buttons and a large red emergency button. 

All function keys are located on the display, including the switch from gas to brake pedal. The display will produce a sound and signal serving as a warning to recharge batteries - ensuring a much longer battery life. 

Automatic Meto Spray Trolley
This Meto spray unit from Berg Hortimotive is expressly designed for the automatic spraying of crops. Operating the computer-controlled Meto could not be simpler using the touch-screen control panel. The logical set-up menu also uses pictograms and is very compact and clear for everyone to use.

The Meto is fitted with stainless steel spraying booms which can be controlled separately – one is fitted with nozzles pointing forwards and the other has nozzles pointing sideways. This means that it is possible to give the outside wall area extra treatment (this is usually where most treatment is required).

Royal Brinkman expands its assortment with the complete range of Empas spray equipment. Consisting of: spraying trolleys, pumps and accessories like reels, hoses and couplings. Empas is known for its quality, reliability and extensive lifetime.

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