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The AquaJet: optimal cleaning of greenhouse roofs and cultivation gutters

Light transmission is an important factor to achieve more growth in a greenhouse. It’s important to clean greenhouse roofs and cultivation gutters because filth on the roof will lower the light transmission and the dirt is a hiding place for diseases. Doing nothing is not an option and will result in less growth and yield. So it’s time to clean your greenhouse!

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The AquaJet is specially developed to start a new cultivation in a clean greenhouse, because a clean start is the best start, right? Running on the existing pipe rail system, the AquaJet cleans the greenhouse and interior under high pressure. The machine is available with a fully adjustable telescopic boom, so the roof can be approached from up close and is cleaned and disinfected perfectly.

Thanks to its simple plug & play method, every employee can work with the AquaJet. An ideal machine for every grower. An optional module is available to quickly and efficiently clean cultivation gutters.

vinkje Plug and play solution
vinkje Efficient cleaning and disinfecting of gutters and greenhouse interior
vinkje Easy to move and maintain



Top Cleaner
Top CleanerThe discount doesn't include the 'top cleaner', but this product is just as important for more light transmission. Only one press on the button is needed to have the Top Cleaner clean the glass and gutters and give them back their shine and sparkle. With a Top Cleaner, you invest in top quality that keeps performing year after year at a very low cost.


 Custom built for you
vinkje A lot more growing light in the greenhouse
vinkje Available for all types of Venlo greenhouses
vinkje With an extra option the Top Cleaner can also be used to apply coatings 

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