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Meet Matthew Dent

Our specialist for mechanical equipment  

Brinkman Australia is pleased to introduce our new team member Matthew Dent

With over 15 years’ experience in equipment and machinery sales Matthew is perfectly suited to his new role as our equipment and machinery contact, Matthew prides himself on his honesty, reliability and passion for customer service.


Brinkman Australia offers its customers over 70 years of industry knowledge and backing from the world’s leading experts and manufacturers. Together we deliver the results you can count on to keep you growing!


Matthew is the specialist for the following equipment:
Below you will find the solutions Matthew can offer to help you get the best results. Click on the articles names below to see them in the catalogue. 

Weterings   Empas   Berg Hortimotive
wetering   Empas   berg
Together with 'Weterings Mechanisatie', Royal Brinkman has put together a range of machines to make crop rotation a lot more efficient.   Our range of Empas spraying equipment helps you to complete every cleaning task within the greenhouse.   Benomic pipe rail trolleys are made for maintaining and harvesting the crop.
 Bio Chopper
 Hydraulic container
 Super Twister

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   Stray Trolley
 Spray Boom
 Spray Nozzle

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   Benomic Star
 Benomics Easy Kit
 leaf picking cart

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Priva   Van der Waay   Trolleys
Priva fan   Aquajet rounded   Trolley
Our partner Priva creates lasting solutions to the growing demand for valuable resources.    For over 25 years Van der Waay has lead the way with innovative machines to clean greenhouses.    Royal Brinkman´s Danish trolleys are an easy and cost-effective way of transport with multi-functional usage, including transport, storage and display.
 Circulation Fan
 FS Readers
 Temperature measuring box

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   Plant Trolleys
 Harvest Trolley
 Picking Trolley

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More information
For more information about our products, please contact me or one of my colleagues 

  With kind regards,

Matthew Dent
Specialist in technical equipment and parts
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Job Roskam
Branch Manager Brinkman Australia
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