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Crop rotation machines, to help speed up your cleaning process!

Together with Weterings Mechanisatie, Royal Brinkman has put together a range of machines to make crop rotation a lot more efficient. Pulling out your crop, leaves and rockwool or cocopeat slabs has never been so easy.

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Bio Chopper Compact:

Bio chopper rounded cornersThe Bio Chopper Compact shreds crops, such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. The Crop volume can be reduced by 80%. The machine has a user friendly interface and is built according to the latest safety standards.

The Bio Chopper Compact has a capacity of 2.500-5.000 m2 / hour (depending on the circumstances). The machine includes an auto-sharpener for the knife-blades, an hydraulic system to open up the machine which makes maintenance and cleaning easy, a swivable discharge unit, an optional metal detector to avoid damage to the knife-blades, and other impressive features.

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Bio Hopper XL*:

bio hopper XLrounded cornersThe Bio Hopper XL is an efficient machine for removing  horticultural materials such as rock wool, perlite, coir, coco slabs, tomato leaf, groundcover and various crops in a greenhouse.

The Bio Hopper XL is available with a PTO hydraulic unit as extra option that you can add to the machine if you don’t have a very powerful tractor to operate the machine with.
* Also a smaller type machine available: The Bio Hopper S.

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Super Twister Binder:

Super twister binder rounded cornersThe Super Twister binding machine is designed for binding tomato plants in horticultural greenhouses. The crop is guided through a drum and wrapped with nylon rope, so that one long strand is formed. This strand can be rolled up using the Multiroller.

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Multitoller rounded cornersThe Multiroller is designed for winding tomato-haulm and ground plastic in your greenhouse. The haulm and/or plastic is wound on a tapered hexagonal pin, which is equipped with a powerful hydraulic pusher.

The Multiroller can be customized for any type of tractor, wheel loader or forklift. The machine is often used in combination with the Super Twister.  

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