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Friday, 17 July 2015 13:54

Successful PCA Conference for Royal Brinkman Australia

From 5th till 7th of July the thirteenth PCA Horticultural Conference took place on The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
With a Platinum Sponsorship Royal Brinkman supported the PCA Conference for a third time.

“This year the number of visitors was even greater than two years ago”; says Job Roskam, the newly appointed Managing Director of Royal Brinkman Australia, as of 1st of July 2015.
“During the trade fair many new and well known Royal Brinkman products were on display to the PCA Conference visitors. The reactions were very positive. The ability to now supply full container loads with a variety of products directly to the grower (one stop shop), in combination with the availability of local supplies from the Royal Brinkman Australian warehouse, was very well received.

Royal Brinkman Australia was officially established on the 1st of July.  Because of this local presence, Royal Brinkman can now serve the Australian growers even better and can offer a wider range of products” added Job Roskam.

The products which were most discussed were:
• Shading agents and coating
• High Wire tomato hook – O-type
• ECA- irrigation cleaning and disinfection
• Twinhook against splitting of the tomato plant
• Ergo tomato Clip (fastest clip)
• Brinkman Natural Coco-peat slabs
• Berg Hortimotive Scissor trolleys
• Super Twister + Multi roller to take out the tomato crop
• Roof washer + spray booms to apply the shading agents
• Aquajet to clean the gutters and the glass from inside.
• Irrigation and climate control systems and parts

Job Roskam continued; “The PCA Conference was a great opportunity to meet many people in the horticultural industry. Over just a few days visitors were able to receive and exchange lots of information and ideas. Of course it was also nice to meet each other again.  A truly inspiring event! Royal Brinkman is looking forward to participating in the 2018 PCA Conference”.

Supported by several partner suppliers, Royal Brinkman was present with a large team from the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia (see picture):

artikel aus

Front row left to right:
Andras Nagy (Enerbi), Job Roskam (Royal Brinkman), Simon Morley-John (Farmland) and Fred Hellinga (Royal Brinkman)

Back row left to right:
Jan Schuttrups (Royal Brinkman), Folco Faber (Apex greenhouse), Ep van den Brink (Royal Brinkman), Bernardo Greeve (KG Systems), Jeffrey Pouw (Hermadix), Sjef Smits (grower, consultant) and Jack van Batenburg (MeeGaa substrates)

For more information:
Job Roskam
General Manager Brinkman Australia


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