Tuesday, 22 December 2015 09:53

Royal Brinkman presents corporate video!


On the 18th of December during the end of year conference there was not only the unveiling of the new Royal Brinkman logo. Another historic occasion took place, Royal Brinkman presented its first corporate video! Over 200 employees witnessed the presentation of the video in which Royal Brinkman presented its 7 themes and core values in a video of just 3 minutes.

The development of the corporate video started at the end of this summer and was developed in three months. Together with the production company Talmon placed in Bilthoven the crew visited several locations. The Demokwekerij in Westland area and several growers from inside and outside the country where visited (Spain).

Ton van Mil, C.E.O of Royal Brinkman:’The corporate video of Royal Brinkman gives an perfect impression of our beautiful company. Within a couple of minutes you know immediately what Royal Brinkman does where we stand for and what makes us strong. We will start 2016 with a new logo and a great corporate video, perfect I would say!

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