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Royal Brinkman Australia has finalised a closer working relationship with Yara Australia

We would like to inform you that Brinkman Australia has finalised a closer working relationship with Yara Australia. Royal Brinkman Australia will now sell a wider range of Yara products for highly competitive prices.

Main fertilisers include; Yara Calcium Nitrate, Yara Potassium Nitrate (Krista K) and Yara Krista MKP.

 Yara Calcium Nitrate  Yara Potassium Nitrate


The Kristalon range of products are fully water soluble NPK fertilizers for liquid feeding, they contain a full range of chelated trace elements and are ideal for all irrigation systems - drip, tape, sprinkler or pivot. We have the following Kristalon products available; Kristalon Blue, Kristalon Brown, Kristalon Red, Kristalon Special / Green & Kristalon White.

 Kristalon Blue  Kristalon Special/Green Kristalon White 

Growing media
Brinkman Australia also sells growing media like; Perlite (Exfoliators), Rockwool (Grodan), Coco Peat (Biogrow and MeeGaa Substrates) and Peatmoss (TM Canadian)

Trace elements
Rexolin Iron DTPA 11%, Rexolin Iron EDTA 13%, Rexolin Mn, Rexolin Zn, Rexolin Cu, Rexolin APN, etc.

Latest development
Royal Brinkman is working on a webshop for its international customers. You could have a look on the following link; (the webshop is under development and  new items are regularly added).


More information
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