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Official opening of Royal Brinkman Australia

As of 1st of July Royal Brinkman Australia is open for business.Together with the International director, Jan Schuttrups, the Australian team celebrated this official moment. Although Royal Brinkman and Job Roskam have worked together for several years, Job is now officially the Managing Director of Brinkman Australia. 

Royal Brinkman Australia is the 13th international Branch office of Royal Brinkman. The local Branch office in Melbourne keeps stock of the most common products like; high wire hooks, shading agents, wire mesh, clips, twine, sticky traps and roll, hygiene mats, binding string and tomato pollinator. In the near future the product assortment will be enlarged.

Royal Brinkman has supplied products and installations directly to the growers in Australia for many years. As well as these direct shipments, now many products also can be supplied from the stock in Melbourne. In different regions resellers  will help to make the products locally available. To be able to visit the grower more often, in the coming year(s) the sales team will be enlarged.

A team of Royal Brinkman specialist in different fields (crop care, crop rotation, crop protection & disinfection, packaging & design, mechanical equipment and technical projects (irrigation and climate control) are available for the Australian growers. In case there are any questions about products or the application of the products, the Australian Royal Brinkman team will help with the right answers.

For more details about the products, the installations, the services, the resellers or any other subject, Royal Brinkman Australia is ready to serve you.

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