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Growing & Industry trends: Important trends and methods in professional horticulture

As Managing Director of Brinkman Australia I’m fortunate enough to travel frequently both within Australia and overseas and see new trends and growing methods.

I would like to briefly share with you some of the things I have seen during my trips, with the hope that they provide you with some ideas.

Energy cost

Priva fan1The Dutch greenhouse industry has been working on the Het Nieuwe Telen (HNT) project for several years. 'Het Nieuwe Telen' translates roughly to New Way of Growing or Next Generation Growing, and it focuses on environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity which can make a significant contribution to a balanced greenhouse climate with less energy.

Strategies to optimise crop production without unnecessary consumption of energy and water include:

Double screens, one for energy savings and one for climate control

Active Ventilation Systems for ventilation and dehumidification with minimum energy use

Energy efficient electrical equipment, fans, pump, etc. The initial investment may be higher but the operational costs over the lifetime of the more efficient equipment will pay back big time.

Labour cost

In Australia, labour costs continue to rise and good people are harder to find, so growers are investing in labour saving equipment like packing lines, crop removing machines and labour registration software- changes like these will be the key to keep labour costs under control.


Hygiene station title picIn the Netherlands a key priority is to avoid bringing in pest and diseases and to avoid spreading them during crop work and harvesting. Royal Brinkman is very successful with implementing hygiene concepts to eliminate any chance of spreading diseases as good hygiene is not just one thing but a combination of measures.

During my last visit to a large gerbera grower in Holland I saw equipment that cleaned and sterilized picking trolleys before they go back in the greenhouse after dropping of flowers in the packing shed.

Reliable quality product (available all the time)

In The Netherlands companies are getting bigger and they all have a common goal- to provide their customers with a year round quality product with a fresh, healthy and sustainable image.

In the last 10 years Spanish growers, with support of their government, have moved away from using a lot of pesticides and they now supply a large part of Europe’s organic produce. Agrobio (Supplier of beneficial insects) which is partly owned by Royal Brinkman has been part of this success story.

World Horti Centre

World Horti Center rond 1If you travel to Holland you can visit the World Horti Centre. It is the leading innovation centre of the international greenhouse horticulture sector. A platform where business, education and government jointly innovate, connect, create and inspire. For more info see

Trade shows 2018

Brinkman Australia will be at the BerryQuest in Tasmania (February) and Brinkman Australia will be attending the HFF Conference in Melbourne (June). Royal Brinkman will  be at the Greentech in The Netherlands (June).

For the coming year we at Brinkman Australia are working hard to serve our customers even better and will continue to introduce new products to increase our product range.


Job RoskamWith kind regards,

Job Roskam
Branch Manager Brinkman Australia
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