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Shading agents, the perfect climate throughout the year

Royal Brinkman offers an extensive  range of shading agents - including shading paint and coatings. Light is an important issue for all greenhouse growers as too much light can damage crops. Whitewash helps the grower minimise crop damage due to excessive light and temperatures. Research in recent years has greatly improved whitewashes and produced new coatings for greenhouses.

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Q3 emmer

Q3-White (medium term whitewash)
Q3-White is a medium weatherproof and adjustable screening product specifically designed for glass, plastic film, polycarbonate and acrylic. Depending on the dilution, Q3-White is medium wear-resistant. 

• Medium weather resistant
• Ideal for shading percentages >65%
• Whitewash for short periods

q4emmerQ4-White (long term whitewash)
Q4-White is an adjustable whitewash for creating the optimal shading conditions. Because Q4-White is liquid it can be diluted to adjust the shading percentage to the needs of the crop. Q4-White has a very good weather resistance. 

• Minimal ridge wear on the apex of your greenhouse
• Ideal for shading percentages <65%
• Perfect screening throughout the season

q heatQ-Heat (temperature reduction)
Q-Heat is a weatherproof, adjustable diffuse shading product that allows for maximum growth light ingress (PAR) and maximum heat reflection. Q-Heat is specifically designed for glass, plastic film, polycarbonate and acrylic. Q-Heat is very wear-resistant, yet easy to remove with Removit. Q-Heat contains specially developed pigments that allow for maximum heat reflection, whilst providing maximum growth light ingress and light diffusion.

Q-Black (maximum shading)
q blackQ-Black is an adjustable dark shading agent which means that it is widely applicable for crops and areas where maximum shading is needed. The special composition of Q-Black has ensured that the heat reduction is very high and that a maximum protection can be achieved. 

• Maximum protection
• Adjustable shading percentage
• Minimal wear off
• Machine or manual application
• Easy to remove

D fuseD-FUSE vegetables or floriculture (diffuses light)
Diffuse light penetrates deeper into the crop, providing higher production and better quality. With diffuse coatings your crop benefits from optimal light distribution the whole year round. 

• Better quality
• Maximum growth
• Three times as much light in the mid-sections of the crop
• Lower plant temperature
• Higher PAR transmission

d greeD-GREE (diffuses light and reduces temperature)
D-GREE is a weatherproof diffuse coating that provides maximum diffused light and maximum growth light (PAR) transmission. D-GREE contains specially developed pigments that reflect (NIR) light to lower the temperature in the greenhouse.  

• Maximum diffuse light
• Optimal heat reflection (NIR)
• Maximum growth light (PAR) transmission


Shadefix / Temperzon (low cost powder whitewash)
Shadefix / Temperzon is a whitewash in powder form, which protects the crop from light irradiation. Removal of Shadefix is not necessary. You can determine the shading percentage by yourself. 

• Uniform screening
• Optimal coverage
• Environmentally friendly
• Very high whiteness
• Improved reflection


Removit (non-dangerous goods remover)
Removit is the perfect remover for removing all 'D' and 'Q' agents (Q3-White, Q4-White, D-FUSE, D-GREE) The dosage depends on the thickness of the whitewash or coating. After application of Removit, you may choose to wait until it rains off, or to spray it off. 

• Perfect for removing all the Q-products and D-products
• Removal through rainfall or by manually spraying it off


More information

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