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Whitewash Q4 White gets ‘discount version’

Earlier this year, Hermadix has launched a new horticultural product. The company is marketing a ‘price fighter’ in the market, Q3 White, to complement the existing high-quality whitewash Q4 White. Chalking or whitewash are vital in horticulture and are offered by various companies nowadays. With Q4 White, Hermadix has a high-quality product in its range. It was sold inside and outside the Netherlands via Royal Brinkman in the past few years. Q4 White is a configurable whitewash allowing for applying the right level of protection for any crop. The shading percentage can be adjusted by diluting the withwash to match the crop’s needs. In accordance with Richard Hagedoorn of Royal Brinkman, the key benefit of Q4 White is minimum wear on the apex of the roof. ‘It is very important that the apex of the greenhouse roof is adequately protected as the sun shines on it all day, and is also the most vulnerable to other weather conditions. Where other withwash show wear in the roof ridge over the course of time, this wear is minimal when using Q4 White due to its patented composition. This results in a more stable climate and only one time spraying during the season.’

Economically interesting
According to Hagedoorn, Q4 White is a whitewash with a competitive edge, with quality as the leading feature. However, quality usually comes at a price. ‘Hermadix aims to be an innovative company, offering products that are not necessarily the cheapest, but that are the best. Q4 White is a good example. The introduction of Q3 White is the first time for us to break that mould. To many businesses, price is a key issue. This is why we also launch the whitewash Q3 White as a price fighter. A good product that can be marketed significantly cheaper thanks to a different composition, and that can compete on the market with price.’ According to Hagedoorn, the introduction of Q3 White offers growers a clear choice from now on. ‘Q4 White remains our leading top-quality product. If you want to shade for a longer period and you want to be certain that the whitewash will do its work during this entire period, I recommend applying Q4 White. This means paying a higher price, but you get value for money. However, if you are screening for a shorter period of time, it is not such a problem if the product shows wear at the apex of the roof a bit sooner. In that case, choosing Q3 White is probably the most economically interesting choice.’ According to Hagedoorn, the key selection criteria is the grower’s starting point. ‘Offering two variations enables us to tailor our advice to the customer’s wishes and to serve a broader market.’ ‘The reputation of Q4 White and the excellent experience with that agent in practical situations facilitate the introduction of Q3 White. Many of this product’s properties are similar to Q4 White’s properties. The agent is weather-resistant, offers optimal shading percentage and can be easily removed by applying Removit, just like Q4 White. The difference is that it has a shorter lifetime, which is why we can offer it at a lower price. So in fact, we are not introducing a new product; instead, we are just introducing a choice.’ Hagedoorn has high expectations for both whitewashs in the coming season. Where the newcomer will be considered a welcome addition by a large number of growers, Hagedoorn also expects Q3 White to enhance Q4 White’s profile. ‘It highlights the high quality of our existing product even more. Eventually, as a grower, your main aim is protecting your crop. This is why I will always recommend choosing the highest quality, i.e. Q4 White, unless...’

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