URK Hygiene station with hand disinfector to prevent diseases in the crop

hygiene station right highGood hygiene for Euro Gap, BRC, GSPP and the personal hygiene is a continuously important aspect. The URK hygiene station with hand disinfector, walkthrough footwear cleaner and turnstile unit, has all the elements needed for 100% hygiene control. 

 An important instrument for your hygiene protocol
 Prevents disinfection through hands and feed
 Easy to install
 Long lifespan due to the hight quality steel
 Both left and right versions available

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URK V300 3DHow does it work?
When entering the production area, the hand sanitizing process is obligatory. Hans are disinfected in the hand disinfection chamber, which is ergonomically designed with rubber protectors to avoid any hand or arm injuries. After successful hand disinfection the turnstile unit is released. During the hand disinfection process footwear is cleaned and disinfected by the rotating brushes.

 Modern and ergonomic design in stainless steel
 Available in left or right version
 Easy to install - Plug and Play
 Two way passing

BOONS CleansyCleansy
The cleansy is designed for a hygienic control of employees at the entrance and exit of the production zone. The cleansy is the most compact station and it's also very suitable for a usage in small production spaces. The compact design makes it possible to install the machine almost everywhere.
In order to guarantee the most optimal hygienic solution, these stations are placed in a hygienic airlock, located preferably at the entrance of the production zone.

Two way passing
When leaving the “secured” area in the other direction, the turnstile units always opens and a sensor activates the rotating brushes, which remove all the dirt and disinfects the footwear at the same time.

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