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SilicaPowerIncrease production and quality of your crops1 compressor

The silicon (orthosilicic acid) strengthens the leaf cellular walls and surface, considerably reducing the chance of fungal infections in the leaf. Si also facilitates the better distribution of Ca and Mn throughout the plant and helps reduce drought stress. With 3% orthosilicic acid, SilicaPower has a high concentration of Si that is readily taken up by the plant. 

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Advantages SilicaPower

  • more intense flower colour: continues through to full bloom
  • thicker, harder leaves and better leaf arrangement
  • stronger cell walls
  • better root penetration
  • higher chlorophyll production, leading to more photosynthesis
  • plant resistance increases
  • transpiration decreases, less drought stress
  • redistribution of Ca and Mn, reducing the risk of nutrient toxicity
  • larger quantity of the CO2 fixation enzyme Rubisco
  • easy to take up form of Si:
  • SiO2 cannot be taken up by plants, however the orthosilicic acid, (H4SiO4) in SilicaPower can.
  • easy to use, via the fertilizer feeder or as a foliar spray
  • liquid, dissolves easily in the fertilizer feeder
  • less Si needed for the same results:
  • highly cost effective compared with other silicon products
  • pH neutral: no acidification required afterwards
  • 100% systemic:
  • the solution sprayed onto the leaf is distributed to the roots immediately
  • no residues, no growth inhibition, no re-entry term, no safety term

In other words: increase production and the quality of your crops.
Reap these benefits by adding the element Si, combined with the specific advantages of using SilicaPower.

Add 250ml SilicaPower to the fertilizer A tank (standard 1000 litre tank)

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