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Manage your climate with the products from Priva

Our partner Priva creates lasting solutions to the growing demand for valuable resources. They are a leader in developing and producing innovative technology to optimise and process manage nvironmental conditions in horticulture. Via we offer you high-quality hardware equipment and software. Click on the button below to see the full Priva range.

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We've selected some products that will increase the climate control inside your greenhouse and are available from our Melbourne warehouse. 

Priva eco fan   Alli control box TRV
Priva Eco Fan 4550   Alli Control box T+RV 
The Eco fan offers a unique combination of long throw and unmatched width air circulation. This provides an ideal a solution for both serial-controlled ventilation and parallel ventilation in greenhouses that require large air volumes.   Priva measuring box T+RH for measuring temperature and relative air humidity, works on the physical principle of a psychrometer with dry bulb and wet bulb temperature sensors.
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Aquanex Measuring unit fluid   Aquanex stocking 25cm
Aquanex Measuring Unit Fluid   Aquanex Stocking 25 cm
When using Aquanex Measuring Unit Fluid, the evaporation properties remain consistently correct, with the climate computer calculating the correct humidity.   The capillary action of the wick ensures the fluid is drawn up. The fluid within the wick then evaporates. The surrounding humidity of the air determines how much fluid evaporates.
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If you require more information about the Priva products, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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