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Biogrow / Brinkman Australia working together

BiogrowBiogrow have cocopeat production sites in Brazil, India and Sri Lanka, they are developing efficient and completely renewable substrates in collaboration with biotechnology researches. The substrates satisfy customer growing requirements for eco- responsibility since they are the cleanest and most renewable substrates to be found in the market.

Our strength lies in our tailor-made substrates – from the preparation of the contents to the definition of the container. You can select your own substrate to suit your needs among our full range of substrates. 

Biogrow creates innovative substrates derived from biotechnology and complying with very demanding quality criteria. Rigorous and standardized quality controls are applied by Biogrow to ensure that the substrates deliver the same level of performance in all the sites.

Biogrow manufacturing process of the substrate Natural results in a substrate which is fine on the surface and thus offers homogeneous humidity. It has a longitudinal groove beneath, which improves the aeration and drainage capacity of the moistest part of the substrate. To enable proper installation and save on labour costs, we can deliver pre-drilling substrates.

Substrate Natural has excellent water retention, and maintains good drainage and aeration. This is a more vegetative substrate than the other substrates of the range, but it provides a more generative action in winter since it offers suitable aeration. 

Biogrow / Brinkman Australia are able to determine with your help the composition of the substrate meeting your particular needs. By selecting raw materials, different blending processes, Bigrow range can provide the perfect substrate for your crop.
Blends for all crops are available including Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Capsicums, Strawberries/ Berries, Roses, Carnations and other flowers.

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