meststoffen_installatie_20090115-G203_klein Which combination of fertilizers can save money? Which type of fertilizers gives you the best quality? Which fertilazation strategy gives you the most benefits? The product specialists of the fertilizers department are alway busy to obtain the best results out of your crops. The specialists help you with calculating the most efficient nutrition plan for an optimal production.

Our specialists can also inform you about the possibilities in new contructions or renovations for example to advise you about the dimensions of the fertilizing barrel. The total feeding package, complete with trace elements in stable chelate form is the most important. Another trend is the development of complete fertilizers designed to a specific crop.

 Cleaner water, purer fertilizers, recirculation and environmental protection


Straight fertilizers, soluble and coated slow release fertilizers can all be supplied. In addition to the inorganic fertilizers an assortment of organic fertilizers is available. The developments are aimed towards producing more and more pure fertilizers. 

Cleaner water, purer fertilizers, recirculation and environmental protection are the four important aspects for the future. Optimizing production and quality have to be achieved without wastage. This means, for example, a more efficient use of fertilizers achieved by balancing the feed supply with the needs of the plants. This has liquid fertilizers and the control equipment necessary for automatic feeding (Ferti-mac), going ahead non-stop. 

Drain Water Control system

Exact measurement of plant requirements is possible with the advanced DWC (Drain Water Control)-system. Advanced automation with computer linking (Vocom and BC) are shown in a very close link with the ‘Fertilizes’.



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