Climate Control

Brinkman has a wide experience in the optimisation of the glasshouse environment. With the integration of the Business data Computer even finer tuning of the many environmental control programs is possible.


A summary of the control possible with the present program is as follows: heating, ventilation, temperature lift, CO2 application, heat storage, thermal and blackout screens, supplementary lighting, circulation, fans, air heaters, ring mains, irrigation and fogging installations.

With increased use of modern screen materials the accent has moved from pure energy saving to greater control of the glasshouse environment.

The main components of climate control are:

  • Air circulation system
  • Air humidifying system
  • Artificial lighting
  • CO2 control
  • Heating and cooling
  • Multi-Climate
  • Multi-EC controller
  • Night frost alarm
  • pH controller (APR2)
  • Plant temperature
  • RA-8T automatic sprinkler
  • Shading agents
  • Ventilation and screening

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