Crop rotation

kas reinigen1Products in our crop rotation programme are:
• AC (Anti Condensation)-film / EH (Extra Clear) film / Vario (perforated) film
• CO2 hoses
• Crop rotation Machines (Grinders, Choppers, Conveyer belts, Containers)
• Disinfection chemicals
• Disinfection Knives and Scissors / Knife holder
• Disinfection machines (like Skumix, Spray Trolleys, vacuum cleaners)
• Disinfection mats
• Glass clean chemicals
• Ground cover / Ground plastic
• High pressure pumps and lances
• High Wire Hooks O-Type / V-Type / HD-Type
• Hygiene Lock (URK)
• Products for personal protection (overalls, masks, filters)
• Products for visitors (disposables)
• Roof washing tools and machines
• Shading agent - Q4 white / D-fuse
• Signal Rolls and Sheet (Sticky Traps)
• Spray Trolleys – Spray Booms
• Sticky Trap holders
• Substrate – Rockwool – Coco peat
• Tomato Clips – Cucumber Clips
• Truss bows and Truss hooks
• Twine

Crop rotation machines
To make the crop rotation more efficient!

Together with Weterings Mechanisatie, Royal Brinkman has put together a range of machines to make the crop rotation a lot more efficient. Pulling out your crop, leaves and rock wool/coco slabs has never been so easy. In combination with one of the choppers, the volume of the waste will be minimized and easily removed by one of the containers.

Chopper Compact : The Bio Chopper Compact shreds crops, such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. The Crop volume is reduced to approximately 20% of it’s origin. The Bio Chopper Compact has a user friendly interface and is build according to the latest safety standards. 

The Bio Chopper Compact has a capacity of 2.500-5.000 m 2 / hour (depending on the circumstances). It’s compact dimensions make the machine suitable for narrow situations. 

Mega Chopper Compact:The Mega Chopper Compact has the same features as the Bio Chopper Compact with more than doubled horsepower (175 HP). This results in a high capacity up to 13.000 m 2 / hour. 

The limited height of 2,03 m (with standard output), enables the Mega Chopper Compact to drive through a cucumber greenhouse and shred a cucumber crop at high speed! 

Other options to remove your crop are also available:

Bio Hopper S/XL:
Bio Hopper In combination with pull-out tarps, the Bio Hopper can be used for:

  • Pulling out leaves (periodically)
  • Pulling out rock wool / coco slabs
* Also available as stand alone with electro motor.

Super Twister Binder
The Super Twister binding machine is designed for binding tomato plants in horticultural glasshouses.The crop is guided through a drum and wrapped with nylon rope, so that one long strand is formed. This strand can be rolled up using the Multiroller. It is also possible the shred the bound crop with a Bio Chopper , without the use of tarps (transport mats).

The Multiroller is designed for winding tomato-haulm and ground plastic in horticultural greenhouses. The haulm and / or plastic is wound on a tapered hexagonal pin, which is provided with a powerful hydraulic pusher. The Multiroller is suitable for winding bound tomato crop, ground foils, screen cloth, AC foil and drip irrigation hoses. The Multiroller can be customized for any type of tractor, wheel loader or forklift.

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