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Greenhouse horticulture is developing at a rapid pace, and crop activities need to adapt to this. In many farms, the cultivation gutter increases in height. Picking leaves, walking between the crop, is an increasingly difficult task.

With the leaf picking cart, your employees can carry out their work in a responsible and ergonomic manner. And without damage to your crop!!

As with the entire Benomic series, a lot of attention has been paid to a sophisticated and sustainable design. Speed, simplicity and hygiene were the most important design criteria that you, as a user, provided to the R&D department.

The leaf picking cart is light, agile and very easy to manoeuvre over the center-path. Between 5-40 cm above the pipes, you can choose any desired working height.

Operation is extremely simple with choice of direction of travel, speed and emergency stop. Partly due to the simplicity and versatility of the car, it can be used very widely.

Motor control
No more printed circuit boards but a compact electronic drive control that ensures optimal control in the entire range, from creep speed to maximum motor speed.

Leaf removal
The leafs can be easily carried out. There are optional attachments to carry out the leafs between the pipes or under the gutter, according to your choice.

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