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If you have questions about communication and packaging then Agro Trendplaza is at your service. Added value and a distinctive character in relation to your competitors is becoming increasingly important.

The communication and packaging specialists of Agro Trend plaza will outline and develop a corporate identity for you. In the studio of Agro Trendplaza our own designers create an individual and original style.

Whethers it's a logo, corporate identity or a complete concept to market your product, Agro Trendplaza is the right place.

We can also take care of all the logistics so you don't have to worry about the printer, litographers and designers. You only have to place your order and we take care of the rest.


A short list of our products:

  • Packaging (sleeves, rose film, cardboard displays etc.)
  • Commercial printing (stationary, business cards etc.)
  • Printed pots and containers
  • Outdoor advertising (pillars and signs)
  • Car lettering
  • Printed clothing, bags and tape
A short list of our services:Communication advice, packing advice and the latest trend advice.
  • Desigining logo's, corporate identity, packaging etc.

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